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Flat-Fee Trademark Pricing

I know from working with people just like you that you are probably concerned about cost.  You very likely have a budget in mind that you need to stick to.  At the end of the day, you’re looking for the option that provides you with the best possible value for your hard-earned dollar.  But, you should always keep in mind that the cheapest rarely ever equals the best value.  This is especially true when it comes to cheap trademark registration services.

For example, let’s take an online document preparation service like LegalZoom.  Unfortunately, a lot of folks will make the unwise decision of paying LegalZoom to perform their trademark search or using LegalZoom to file their trademark application.  Why?  Because LegalZoom offers extraordinarily cheap trademark registration.  But, because LegalZoom is not a law firm and cannot offer you legal advice or guidance, how will you know whether it’s in your best interest to adopt, use, or attempt to register a particular trademark?  How will you know that you won’t be sued for trademark infringement?  The simple answer is that you won’t.  You will be taking an unnecessary and potentially devastating risk just to save a few hundred dollars.

You can also find trademark attorneys located all over the United States who will conduct your trademark search and fill out the USPTO trademark application form at a highly discounted rate.  Many of these trademark lawyers offer “trademark packages” that all begin with you filling out an automated web form and handing over your credit card information.  If you think about it, these web forms are specifically designed to discourage you from actually calling the trademark attorney and having a legal consultation prior to payment of any fees.  In addition, these trademark packages (which usually consist of a trademark search and trademark application), could end up being extremely poor value if the search reveals substantial issues and you wisely choose not to proceed with an application.  In other words, you will have really only paid for a trademark search, and you probably will have paid more for the search than you could have elsewhere.

When you come across trademark attorneys who operate in this manner, you should seriously ask yourself whether they’re providing you with good value for money.  You should think about whether these trademark lawyers are going to give you the time, attention, and advice you need to make informed decisions.  You should question whether they are going to go the extra mile for you if an issue arises during the US trademark registration process.  Because, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Cheap trademark registration is no different.

Here’s the truth.  I’m not trying to be the cheapest trademark attorney you can find.  I would be doing a great disservice to you by slashing my rates so low that I could not possibly give you the time and personal attention you deserve.  If I was like many of my competitors who simply offer do-it-yourself automated online questionnaires and web forms, then I too could boast about how inexpensive my services are.  It benefits the both of us for me to price my United States trademark search and United States trademark registration services in such a way as to allow me to spend as much time with you as necessary to fully understand your specific trademark matter, ask you the appropriate questions, and address any concerns you may have.

Every day, my goal is to provide you with professional, personalized, and superior service at a reasonable price.  I don’t offer misleading “trademark packages” and I never charge you for an initial consultation.  I guarantee you will not pay me one dime until our consultation is complete and you make the decision to hire me as your trademark attorney.  I also provide most of my trademark services on a flat-fee basis, so you know exactly what you are going to pay right off the bat.

Cheap Trademark Registration? No. Affordable Flat-Fee Trademark Registration? Yes!

So, when you’re ready to work with a US trademark attorney who promises exceptional service at a fair price, I hope you’ll give me a call at (314) 749-4059, send me a message using the contact form on this page, or shoot an email to look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please click here for my flat-fee trademark pricing.

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