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Legalzoom and Trademark Registration: A Match Made in Hell

Legalzoom and Trademark Registration: A Match Made in Hell

Last week, I received a telephone call from a guy located in Florida who was on the verge of opening a new business.  Apparently, he was thinking about using LegalZoom to assist in the preparation and filing of his trademark application.  For those of you who don’t already know, LegalZoom is an online legal document preparation service.  It is not a law firm and it cannot offer any legal advice or guidance.  People who are looking to register a trademark with LegalZoom (God forbid) are asked to fill out a questionnaire that resembles the official trademark application form provided by the Trademark Office.  They submit their responses to LegalZoom with a payment that covers LegalZoom’s service charge and the government filing fee for the application.  Without checking for accuracy or completeness, LegalZoom transcribes the responses onto the Trademark Office’s official application form and submits it on behalf of its customers.  There is absolutely no review by LegalZoom as to whether the trademark is even eligible for registration, which is a problem considering that there are many categories of trademarks that are completely barred from being federally registered.
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