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Category Archives: Trademark Infringement

Chick-fil-A (Owner of EAT MOR CHIKIN Trademark) Objects to Use of EAT MORE KALE on Shirts

Chick-fil-A is the second largest chicken restaurant chain in the United States.  Its most successful print and television marketing campaign involves a bunch of cows engaging in desperate and hilarious antics in an effort to convert beef lovers into chicken fans.  For the past 16 years, Chick-fil-A has been using the tagline EAT MOR CHIKIN as a prominent part of these advertisements and, in fact, the EAT MOR CHIKIN campaign has won numerous industry awards for creativity and effectiveness.  If you are not repelled by the thought of consuming a crispy fried chicken sandwich and have not pledged allegiance to the King of Meats (beef), check out Chick-fil-A’s website to learn more about the history of the EAT MOR CHIKIN cows and to watch some of the more recent commercials.
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St. Louis Trademark Dispute: Are MANGIA ITALIANO and MANGIA MOBILE Confusingly Similar Trademarks?

I have to thank my girlfriend Karen for bringing this tasty St. Louis trademark dispute to my attention earlier this week.  The plaintiff in the case is a restaurant located in the Tower Grove neighborhood of St. Louis by the name of Mangia Italiano.  According to various local news reports (see here and here), MangiaContinue ReadingContinue Reading

IHOP (Pancakes) v. IHOP (Prayer) – An Unholy Trademark Infringement?

I have to thank my friend Ray for bringing to my attention an interesting trademark dispute involving one of my favorite breakfast joints dating back to when I was a kid living in Paramus, New Jersey.  The International House of Pancakes (more commonly known by the acronym “IHOP”) is a large chain of casual restaurantsContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Dairy Queen v. Yogubliz – A “Blizzard” of Trademark Litigation Like No Other

If you happen to be from California (or enjoy gambling at the Mirage or Palms casinos in Las Vegas), you may be familiar with a small chain of frozen yogurt shops called “Blizz Frozen Yogurt” owned by a California company by the name of Yogubliz, Inc.  According to its website, Yogubliz currently operates eight locationsContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Dirt Cheap v. Cheap Cheap – A Trademark Dispute Sure to Satisfy All Vices

This week’s blog post has some local flavor to it (alcohol and tobacco to be exact) thanks to a trademark dispute between two competing liquor stores here in the St. Louis area.  Dotted across The Lou is a chain of twelve discount liquor and cigarette shops called DIRT CHEAP.  Dirt Cheap is probably best knownContinue ReadingContinue Reading

ANDY’S v. RANDY’S: A Tasty Little Trademark Infringement Indeed

During the latter portion of this past week, I was attending the Missouri Bar Solo and Small Firm Conference in Osage Beach (home to the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks).  As I was driving down U.S. 54 to The Happy Fisherman for dinner Wednesday evening (which has the best all-you-can-eat catfish and salad bar), IContinue Reading

BILL ME LATER / EBILLME Trademark Dispute: How Simply Using a Credit Card Online Will Help Avoid Funding Litigation

My weekly search of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board records led me to a pretty interesting situation between two competing companies in the e-commerce industry whose services you’ve probably never used if you are like the 99% of Americans who aren’t completely freaked out or paralyzed by the prospect of using their credit/debit cardContinue Reading

U.S. Senate Candidate on Trademark Infringement: “I Did It For The People Of This Great Country!”

About 10 days ago, a friend of mine forwarded to me this brief article which talks about an unauthorized use of a trademark owned by the Columbus Blue Jackets professional hockey team.  According to the article, a campaign volunteer for Libertarian Marc Delphine of Oregon (who is running for a seat in the United StatesContinue Reading

Days Inn Eureka: The Tale of a “Dirty” Little Infringer

After taking last weekend off to celebrate and subsequently recover from my 31st birthday (I know you missed me), I now triumphantly return with an anecdote from the city in which I currently reside, St. Louis, Missouri.  Home of Budweiser, the Cardinals, and apparently a disgustingly filthy hotel. As some of you familiar with theContinue Reading

Microsoft Spending Its Bling to Defend Its “BING”

Since I spent the last few weeks writing about Apple and the rampant trademark infringement happening in its iTunes App Store, I figured I’d even things out a little with an anecdote about everyone’s favorite whipping boy of the computer industry. On March 2, 2009, Microsoft filed two trademark applications seeking to register the markContinue Reading